Its fairly easy

Problem Statement — Say I wish to map a scenario where a database has two nodes and are working as a distributed system. How could I try it on my own Laptop/PC?

Solution — Lets go through it one by one

I am assuming for post, a Clickhouse database server instance, for which i wish to create a distributed system.

I create two server nodes:-

docker run -d --name clickhouse-server-1 -p 8112:8123 --ulimit nofile=262144:262144 --volume=$HOME/clickhouse_database1:/var/lib/clickhouse1 yandex/clickhouse-server

and then second

docker run -d --name clickhouse-server-2 -p 8113:8123 --ulimit nofile=262144:262144 --volume=$HOME/clickhouse_database2:/var/lib/clickhouse2 yandex/clickhouse-server

Now I check on my system, via…

The Tech story of every startup is that it starts from all the code in one file/repository doing all by itself and living in its own world of-course with some data maintained in purchased storage places. As the organisation matures and becomes an MSME, its revenue increases, product usability increases and so increase the conflict/responsibility of every team and the lines of code written by them. And ultimately when a startup someday becomes MNC in a decade or so, every project handled creates an impact on users across the world, and services are used on every continent.

The above-described scenario…

Instead of directly learning the concept of what these fancy terms convey, let's start by taking some example which will suffice us in digging the concept deep.

  • Say there is an URN having balls of colors Red, Blue and White and You manually have put these balls in the Urn. The true probability distribution of random variable X taking the value R, B or W be [0.25, 0.35, 0.45].
  • Now one of your friend comes to you and you gave him this game to predict the number of balls of various colors. He peeps a little into the jar and…

Sequential data generation is an easy process. Other than language data, you simply have to observe an event happening periodically and note down occurrence of activities. Deep neural networks have a special class of nets for finding patterns from such sequences that could help to decouple some important information for decision making.

The DNNs specialised for processing sequences are covered under umbrella of Recurrent Neural Networks. They could be specialised for solving some of the common activities which we see these days as:-

  • Named Entity recognition
  • Machine Translation
  • Question Answering
  • Conversational bots
  • and the list is endless……

In this particular…

India and COVID, together are back in news for reasons not good. The new variants of Wuhan Virus are spreading out rapidly and infecting larger populations in countries of scale like India, Brazil, US and nearly all nations. Amid the pandemic, supplies of oxygen to patients is creating panic in both public & medical infrastructure and are hot topic of discussion in quasi-fedral government’s discussions.

With sub-continent India being a “pharmacy of the world” and having enough resources is still feeling pressed with the tension of maintaining the logistics to move this precious medical oxygen from point A to point…

I am sharing here the code to upload or download some files from google drive. I simply used suite of google libraries as:-

from googleapiclient.discovery import build 
from google_auth_oauthlib.flow import InstalledAppFlow
from google.auth.transport.requests import Request
from googleapiclient.http import MediaIoBaseDownload
from googleapiclient.http import MediaFileUpload

Make sure that you should be having credentials to use google APIs.

For the same you must enable API and get keys from

Search and Select the API you are looking for — google drive API in my case

Java from the very start has a clear motive of security and portability. And this language has not compromised with the same in any of their releases. But with time it has evolved from “just being another language” to “language for Software development” in nearly all the product companies. What kept Java alive from its beginning in 1995 to now till 2021 is modifications matching state-of-the-art technologies and rich set of libraries and modules to pursue nearly any code/task you wish a machine to perform.

What the tech companies are most “obsessed of” is the knowledge of Data Structures and…

  • Amazon keeps updating their record of your purchase till the duration, when your order reaches you.
  • Your university keeps updating your grades/activities in their database, for possibly 3 or 4 years of your bachelor.

What happens eventually, is that your present activities get converted to your grand past and this grand past of many, accumulated in old database stores become huge warehouse of information which proves to be of strategic importance for organizations to know about your academic excellence, purchasing power, pattern of your thinking and actually habit loops which you & your circumstances unconsciously make during you lifetime.


At some point in our life, we ask these questions to ourselve

What’s the right way to find my passion?

How people start loving their career?

How do some of the people remain so motivated in their work?

These questions are important for two reasons:-

  • Big Scoop: The truth is that most of our life, quiet a big chunk; around 40 years from age 25 to 65 is going to be spent working. Either you like it or not but everyday your are going to be busy in your work. …

Getting Notalgic with RNN

Many machine learning models have been tried in literature to find meaningful trends out of the data collected. Various models and algorithms have evolved in past to solve problems as simple as finding “Price of apartment in Bay Area” to something as complex as dealing with varied signals i.e. Photos, Videos, Speech and Natural language text. Of course the more complex data and their representations(dimensions) are more varied are the techniques to find trends from them.

Without a doubt, Optimization techniques of form either convex or non-convex have made learning tasks possible. Simpler and not much scalable models used linear…

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