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Java from the very start has a clear motive of security and portability. And this language has not compromised with the same in any of their releases. But with time it has evolved from “just being another language” to “language for Software development” in nearly all the product companies. What kept Java alive from its beginning in 1995 to now till 2021 is modifications matching state-of-the-art technologies and rich set of libraries and modules to pursue nearly any code/task you wish a machine to perform.

What the tech companies are most “obsessed of” is the knowledge of Data Structures and…

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  • Amazon keeps updating their record of your purchase till the duration, when your order reaches you.
  • Your university keeps updating your grades/activities in their database, for possibly 3 or 4 years of your bachelor.

What happens eventually, is that your present activities get converted to your grand past and this grand past of many, accumulated in old database stores become huge warehouse of information which proves to be of strategic importance for organizations to know about your academic excellence, purchasing power, pattern of your thinking and actually habit loops which you & your circumstances unconsciously make during you lifetime.


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At some point in our life, we ask these questions to ourselve

What’s the right way to find my passion?

How people start loving their career?

How do some of the people remain so motivated in their work?

These questions are important for two reasons:-

  • Big Scoop: The truth is that most of our life, quiet a big chunk; around 40 years from age 25 to 65 is going to be spent working. Either you like it or not but everyday your are going to be busy in your work. …

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Getting Notalgic with RNN

Many machine learning models have been tried in literature to find meaningful trends out of the data collected. Various models and algorithms have evolved in past to solve problems as simple as finding “Price of apartment in Bay Area” to something as complex as dealing with varied signals i.e. Photos, Videos, Speech and Natural language text. Of course the more complex data and their representations(dimensions) are more varied are the techniques to find trends from them.

Without a doubt, Optimization techniques of form either convex or non-convex have made learning tasks possible. Simpler and not much scalable models used linear…

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Sir Kepler, a renowned astronomer with famous three laws under his authorship took long time to device his principles. A Neural Network(NN) would have predicted Tycho Brahe’s trajectories without requiring Kepler’s flash of insight to try fitting the data to an ellipse. Sir Isaac Newton, however, would have had a much harder time deriving his laws of gravitation from a generic model. But what gives NNs, so much of power that they learn data at unprecedented speed and so generic in nature? It is Optimization.

Most deep learning algorithms involve optimization of some sort. Optimization refers to the task of…

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With the blooming of machine learning that has occurred over the past decade, the notion of machines that learn from experience has become a mainstream theme in both technical and journalistic circles. Now, how is it exactly that a machine learns? What are the mechanics of it, or the algorithm behind it? From the point of view of an outer observer, a learning algorithm is presented input data that is paired with desired outputs. When learning has occurred, that algorithm is capable of producing correct outputs when it’s fed new data that is similar enough to the input data on…

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With the boom in the IT industry, usage of WWW has made a blast on the internet. With more businesses coming online each day, the consumption of web pages by users is also rising. Let’s check the history of our cell phone. In a day most of the time we spend on apps are majorly to chat/socialize or compare various products on eCommerce websites.

eCommerce today is the undisputed driver for growth in the retail industry, with the number of pages on some merchants’ sites reaching over a million. Although the number of various web pages increase exponentially on these…

Machine learning is interesting because developing our understanding of machine learning entails developing our understanding of the principles that underlie intelligence.

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And we know Learning is our means of attaining the ability to perform the task. The task which we will discuss in this is one of the simplest and interesting one, called as Regression. We will touch normal Linear Regression along with its Regularized flavors — Lasso and Ridge.

Some of the most common machine learning tasks include the following:

  1. Classification:
  • In this type of task, the computer program is asked to specify which of k categories some input…

You know its easy to design a web application using plethora of tools in either of the programming language, but what’s difficult is to deploy it and make the system scalable for larger audience to access it in real time.

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A system’s ability to accept higher load is called scalability, and modifying a system to handle a higher load is synonymous to performance tuning.

Performance optimization, also commonly known as “performance tuning”, is usually an iterative approach to making and then monitoring modifications to an application. It could involve:-

  • adjusting the configuration of the server
  • adjusting the configuration of the…

Guess what’s common between all of the below:-

  • an entrepreneur envisaging a new start-up
  • CEO of a Fortune 500 company
  • an equity analyst
  • a marketer, and
  • a journalist

Well, they all derive their strategies and insights from data!

“Data is the new oil”

Which is not really true since data is far more productive. It can be captured, used and reused. It generates value and benefits to humans that will help tackle big issues from education and healthcare to reducing hunger to fighting climate change.

Its right time for all of us to get introduced to this enthu man —…

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